Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dust Can't Settle

How I wish you’d extend
warm hands in a cold winter
slim fingers ‘round my neck
like a noncommittal noose
loose sliding from grip
the world sleeps behind us
our illuminated backs
wasting the sun

Dust can’t settle
where the light creeps in.

By the nape of my neck
lifted limbs softly dangle
in the mouth of a hunter
smelling blood in the snow
I will give you this doe
apathetic, red speckled
on a promise you’ll throw
whatever’s left in the fire

Dust can’t settle
where the light creeps in.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I can’t bury us where
we’ve always belonged –
six feet under (six thousand
long miles) with a pinch
of your kisses and
all my conviction
in the spaces
where you liked me to be.

If I could just return
all your poetry – a gesture
you make in your moments
of madness; the hourglass
web that cradles you.
How can I miss you
so wholly, at all?
In our long witching hour,
your vacant half-three

breathtaking ghosts
sputter from your
cigarettes – you spoke
of that skyline like it
actually moved you – what if
(let me move you!)
I could be
your haunting

No, I’m not ready
to bury you.

Monday, November 12, 2012


She spoke of ghosts when I was young
Of heartbeats swallowed by the walls
Yet I could smell the devil’s tongue

My eyelids fluttered as she sung
My Playboy mommy, us her dolls
Songs of ghosts when I was young
Us little girls once prayed, once clung
To her long legs to break our falls
Yet I could smell the devil’s tongue
One breath of her collapsed my lungs
Nightmares born from her shrill calls
One ghost alive when I was young
From my dear mother’s mouth, she hung
Those pretty dripping words for brawls
The sting, the smell of devil’s tongue
With steadied vengeance I once flung
blood from my lips to make her small
I learned of ghosts when I was young
I learned to steal the devil’s tongue

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cadavers for God

The dawn cracked upon my eyes
but had no yolk, so I blinked through
the bland fogginess with no real hope
of redemption. I no longer feel the pull
of direction as I navigate my way
to the culprit. Demagnetized
with heavy crosses to bear

guess I’ll file for unemployment.

The North drove me insane for years
upon years – wrapping myself in bearskin
I felt the arms she chose to never wrap
around me. So I’d flee to
the East for my reincarnation
but they said I’d need the exorcist first.

I’ve lost my divisibility, I think,
but leaded hands don’t know much
about nothing. Us wanderers steal
precious space from the rest

But we’re great cadavers for God.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Phoenix, Arizona

the desert brought
my greatest harvest –

the other man’s dust
rose swiftly
from the dunes

all the grainy details
blinding me
as one

the calm post-storm

at first, I could’ve sworn
you were a mirage
out there –

the seeds you carried
birth barren plains
from rough hands

the peace on your face
once dishevelling.

the longer I’ve
lived here, the more
primal I feel. The more

at peace with the
pieces I could never
really settle

Even indigenous
to the art
of becoming.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midnight’s Cartographer

pale earth, dark sky
reversed – these fingertips know
these hills pressed close above me,
the ivory spanned
in plains across my chest

you often leave this night
in your half shadow.

I shake
as your lungs pound against
these ridges, these ribs
I once drew, plunge
into the hollowness
of each collarbone
waiting to be filled
with my breath

when this land grumbles
in hunger, I know just
when to brace
for the shake.

you are an endless map
to be filled, my love
an earth unalike
to discover

and I: an unmarked night
a sky with mismatched stars

with constellations to give you
moons I wish you’d name

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I saw you in
our poison apple, in love
with a different kind
of dream. Our skins – bereft
of life – slithered ‘round
our thinning ankles in a
single, tender coil,

You never feared it –
I know that now. How I loved
your kaleidoscope eyes as they
danced in this small room and yet
somehow always found me. How

I loved the way
we merged, our braided limbs and
molten eyes, yours ever searching
for that sanctuary awaiting –
spiraled patiently, reluctantly
on a small patch of carpet.

Oh, how I loved you,
how I loved you raw.

Crawl back in that decrepit skin
as if it cradles you
to sleep. I saw past
your stale horizon, to a pulse
and flame, carved gold; to a
labyrinth of beauties and fears
that bring a man like you
to tears. But crawl back

into your sinner’s cage
if it holds you tighter than
anyone could. I’ll set this bed
alight, I’ll watch you slink away – I’ll
lie down in our dear relic,
an ever-burning rib.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


She left me silently in the morning
and only once she was really gone
did I wake up. Maybe I knew she was
there all along, hiding for her grand reveal,
hoping to make the two of us
swell with our pride as we stood
patiently by the gate.

But she could hear what you
were thinking, my lover, so she
waded away from me unwillingly
with hopes we would find her again.
I hope I find her, too – that I will
one day take her into my arms
and thank her for leaving me so that
I never had to choose to say goodbye.

She could hear
what you were thinking, my lover,
but as she slipped away, I lost
the part of you within me, I lost
the sense of completion behind
your stone cold eyes, I lost
the beautiful feeling that you could
one day love me, I lost
that gold horizon, the chance
I’d ever love myself.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


It was on this day that your Lord had made
that I reclaimed my tender mystery. My destiny
shook beneath me, settled itself between
each of your folds, shattering against the shore
as a collective sigh, one wave. And to think
you thought you were something
without me. To think
of a lover’s stroll along the coast
without the clamoring voice that I gave you,
of the angry release you inflict upon the earth
until I strip your high tide away.

I do it all with a whisper, what you attempt
in Triton’s scream. To dance our waltz
you chase the curvature of my hip,
navigate each intricate step through
desperate fingers in my hair. You take pride
in this slavery, swell with joy as the corners
of my mouth soften, a smile to break
the barrier between earth and sky –

my permission that molds us to one. So
with clasped hands, intertwined, with the hunger
of fiends – your sea foam illumed by my Luna’s light,
my moon, ever brighter, because it’s touched you.

But be wary, my seamen, when the smile fades,
when the moon woman wanes, retreats to her sky.
Be wary when I fade for your new stillness
will haunt you, left alone to your devices, nothing
in my wake.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Le Premier

in the iron, we are clad
we were won by something mad
that drinks fools empty. in the earth
in the fire, in the wind, that
sweet, sweet water
we are still what we once were. in the

moments that I find you,
when I sink, dissolve inside you
i am breathing for
your name. but my wind
it cannot reach inside the part
of you that preaches
false desire

i can pick us up as ghosts
who left their entrails in the hallway
where i met you. i’ll show
the heart of every haunting
the beating of the drum
pounds soft inside you. but when

i crawl back in your bed, hold
your head between my hands
i’ll know i’m holding something less
than the man who reached inside me
grabbed my lungs and eyes to blind me
and ripped my air straight from
my chest. if you see me

softly ringing the bell that sculpts each
wasted second in your memory
get on your knees, say your hail mary’s
pray that i’ll still be here standing
in the ruins of our love. that love

erupted life inside me, built a fortress
from thin air, put the poetry in the words
that i once spoke, and as I stand
here stone in stone weezing heart
and broken bone i can’t help but think
that you might be the one.